The post-children dip

The post-children dip


This post is by the blog author Rachel Otter, mum of two and part-time bookbinder and illustrator.

Before I had my children I was in quite a good place as a Christian (isn’t hindsight lovely?!). Then I had my first child, and in that hideous time just after you’ve had a baby when you become a mentally-unstable, sleep-deprived thing, I¬†experienced a huge spiritual decline, of rather mountainous proportions in which I realised that I had gone several months without thinking about God at all. This only slightly improved as time went on and the thing died down to a relatively normal, tired and bizarre version of myself. No time for reading, no time for praying, not listening on Sunday, and too tired to bother in the evening with reading or praying. I found advice to be a bit vague – ‘read together as a family’ has never happened (children too young), ‘take five minutes for yourself and say a prayer’ again, a bit airy-fairy and usually five minutes that I take are to reheat drinks and put washing away whilst on the loo, cleaning the bath and cooking the dinner.

I don’t know about you, but I find that, in the spare minutes when I should be exercising my spiritual mind, I just don’t want to! I want to watch something inane on tv or read a non-taxing work of fiction or eat biscuits in the pantry.¬†To my shame, I’ll quite happily read a blog on my phone instead of picking up the Bible. So, ho-hum, I thought, why not start a blog that mums like myself might feel inclined to read? No nonsense, just open and honest thoughts that could potentially be helpful.

Being a mum shouldn’t have to mean the end of your spiritual life for several years until your children are old enough to leave you in peace for five seconds. It should be a celebration of a new phase of life where we begin sharing our faith with little, crazy beings. We’re all intelligent, thinking women. Some of us work at home, some of us work away from home, some of us are new mums, some had children many years ago – we have both a wealth of experience, and an enormous pile of questions that need answering! Hopefully this blog will bring us all together for mutual growth.

So, how do we stay Christians whilst being mums at the same time? What do you think?

Image credit: Rachel Otter