5 little fishes


Here’s a quick Sunday School/craft idea…both of my boys have enjoyed playing with this game, and it can be used for so many stories – feeding the five thousand (with play-dough bread rolls), 1,2,3,4,5, once I caught a fish alive etc – or even just normal fishing play! The original idea came from the lovely and useful



Very thick card or millboard (I used millboard so it would stand up to the rigours of small boys, and it’s lasted well for two years so far)

Split pins


Decorations; tissue paper; sequins; glitter; felt-tips; crayons; stickers etc


Marker/Sharpie for mouth details

Number stickers

Fishing rod and string/blind cord


  1. Draw a fish shape onto thick card.
  2. Use the fish to trace 5-10 other fish. Initially I only did five, and then added another five a year or so later.
  3. Cut them all out (use a stanley knife or scalpel if using millboard)
  4. Paint one side.
  5. Pierce a hole at the nose large enough to put a split-pin through, then put in a split pin.
  6. Allow the children to decorate the other side with whatever you have/like. We used glue, tissue paper and paint for the first five, then felt-tips, glitter and sequins for the second five.
  7. Glue an eye to each fish.
  8. Turn over, and put numbers 1-5/10 on the painted side. We used foam stickers.
  9. Make a fishing rod – I cut a short piece of dowel, painted the end red, and tied a length of blind cord around the top (secured with superglue). Then I tied a magnet onto the end of the cord.

Happy and peaceful fishing!

Do you have any great tutorials that you can share? I love getting new ideas for Sunday school!