Practical out-workings


The word practical is so moreish, and real-lifey. It sounds really sensible and boring. I like practical people, and practical things. So whenever I come to think along philosophical lines with regards to being a Christian, I like the word to pop up at some point, just to see if the concept will hold true in the real world.

So, with that in mind, what have I been thinking about recently?

I heard a talk on Sunday about the physical evidence of our faith; if we were ‘accused’ of being Christians in court, would there be enough actual evidence to find us guilty? This evidence is sometimes called ‘good works’, which sounds a bit old-fashioned to me, so what does that really mean in real life?

How does that affect me, as a mum who’s trying to live as a Christian?

Well, I thought about it for a bit, and my favourite way of describing ‘good works’ is as visible-to-others responses to faith inside my head/heart. Which is much longer. ha.

Right so let’s make this quick because children all over the country are destroying things as we speak/read…

By definition, this stuff should come naturally to us, so I can’t give you a list for yourselves. And I am top of the list in terms of lazy so I also feel the full weight of guilt because my faith doesn’t show much. Here’s what I was thinking of trying this week…

  1. Reading my actual book-Bible in front of my kiddies, because I want to. My eldest is so used to seeing me on my phone that he wouldn’t ask what I was reading on there. Maybe during quiet time, maybe at the lunch table, not sure which is best yet.

Hm. One’s enough for now!

Do you have any tips? Share them with us, please!

Happy Monday everyone!

Image credit:Rachel Otter

3 thoughts on “Practical out-workings

  1. Ive got one. When we can’t get to a meeting because of holiday (or having a baby!!) We always try to break bread in front of the children and expect them to play quietly and listen in. It normally works!


  2. Great thought Rach. I think praying with your child and them seeing you pray about the everyday things as well as the scary things can be a really special learning time for everyone.


  3. Andy and I were talking just yesterday about being good role models for the boys and what that looks like. I am desperately trying to be a good ‘God’ role model for Abel in particular as he is spectacularly pushing my buttons at the moment and what I really want to do is smash a plate on the wall or scream BUT I can’t do that as a mum (or ever obviously) so what do I do when he is having a tantrum/shouting at me/demanding something over and over/collapsing on the floor? Who knows…….. but it’s got to be in love. Yikes! What a learning curve this discipline lark is! In all honesty I am a ‘child’ in conflict (anyone know about transactional analysis?) but I have to learn to be an ‘adult’ in conflict and the only way I know how to do that is to work on the fruits of the spirit. I was therefore thinking today that I could take one ‘fruit’ each week and practise it for myself but also teach the boys about it so they can develop their understanding of the attributes we strive to have and why. Then we can put it into practice in some small way together.


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