Sister’s Day 2015

Sister’s Day 2015


Last Saturday I was privileged to be able to go along to a really fantastic and uplifting ‘ladies only day’ in Solihull. It was my first day out without the kiddiwinks for quite a while – cue lots of comments along the lines of ‘have you been given a day pass?’ or ‘they’ve let you out have they?’ haw-haw. Words can’t really do justice to the wonderful mood there was there (may have been enhanced because of childlessness and opportunity to use own handbag with just keys and wallet in rather than usual monstrous sack full of things to deal with every imaginable child-induced situation)….. The theme was ‘Listening to God in our busy lives’, and this is something I definitely need the solution to! The day was split into several areas within this theme such as ‘Barriers to listening’ and ‘Benefits of stillness’. So I made some notes as it went along, as there was a lot of applicable and helpful ideas that I thought I would share with you. Here are my favourites, hopefully you’ll find some of them useful too.

1. Martha, Mary and Manufacturing busyness

The account of Martha and Mary in Luke 10 is such a PERFECT illustration of what we are trying to achieve isn’t it?! We’re all a mixture of the two, trying to find that right balance between our Christian lives and being a mother. The account speaks for itself, and feeling guilty about not being able to be more like Mary can be a positive motivator to forgo the cleaning for once. Manufacturing busyness is also something that we can’t deny that we do – if we have spare time, we fill it! Is it a badge of honour? Do we learn it from all our female acquaintances? Do we feel competitive to be a Supermum?

2. Balancing our lives

It takes effort and organisation to make time for God. We’ve learnt those skills by being a mother – we just have to be (in my case, mildly) organised don’t we?! So, we should carry those skills over into making time for God. Prioritise, learn to say no, and ask for help.

3. Barriers to listening to God and solutions

– Reading – If you’ve no time to read the Bible, how about listening to it? Put it on your phone, your iPod, as a cd in the car, whatever.

– Prayer – If you need some motivation for prayer, how about starting a prayer journal or thankfulness book – it can really help to see how God has worked in your life and answered prayer over months/years.

– Social media – If you find that you default to social media or Internet browsing in your down-time, then why not make it spiritually positive and read blogs (like this one 🙂 )

I really found these ideas very helpful to think about so hopefully they will speak to you in some small way too.

Image credit:Rachel Otter

4 thoughts on “Sister’s Day 2015

  1. Thanks Rach, I really enjoyed the day and found all those points useful too. It really struck me that Marthat heard the knock at the door and let Jesus in but then forgot to listen to what he actually had to say – gulp!
    I liked the idea of “lectio divina” (sp?) too – concentrating on just a few verses instead of trying to cram three readings in, but really listening to what they are saying…
    Love to all (sounds like Joe has not been letting you hang on to the peace and tranquility for long!) x


  2. Thanks Rachel heard a lot of good comments about the day. Ironically I was too busy to go!! Good to think about these things xx


  3. Thanks for this Rachel, I find small incremental changes a slightly less daunting prospect so the idea of face booking this blog, doing the readings on my kindle on the way to work and starting a prayer journal seems altogether more achievable…


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